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Healthy Streets Project - What is it?

This project will have a big impact on all residents living in Canning and Clyde Roads and in the East Croydon / Addiscombe area as a whole. These pages are designed to give you information on what is happening and how you can contribute your views. YOUR VIEWS AS A RESIDENT ARE IMPORTANT!

Croydon Council is using £40,000 of Transport for London Healthy Streets money to carry out a scoping exercise. This is to see how traffic may be reduced in busier residential roads in our area including Clyde Road. Any resulting scheme may affect both Clyde and Canning Roads. The result will have an impact one way or another on all residents and road users in every street in our area. Road users includes everyone: pedestrians, vehicle drivers and cyclists. So - one way or another it will affect your quality of life - whichever road you live in, whether or not you run a car or van.

On a feedback document in April 2024, Croydon Council appeared to be calling the scheme the Addiscombe East / West Neighbourhood Project. As it is funded by Transport for London (TfL) Healthy Streets fund, via Croydon Council's Local Implementation Plan (LIP) - it will still have to meet TfL's (Transport for London) Healthy Streets principles.

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