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Healthy Streets Project
Croydon Council project plan

This will be a 2 – 3 year project. The funding for this scoping project is from Transport for London’s (TfL) Healthy Streets scheme via Croydon Council's Local Implementation Plan (LIP). This means that any scheme the Council puts forward to TfL will have to meet TfL’s Healthy Streets Policies.

Any scheme would also have to meet TfL’s approval as regards possible impact on buses and trams.


Community engagement – here’s how you can get involved

Stage 1 of Council resident engagement – 1st Drop-in session  -  HAS HAPPENED

Residents were able to go to any drop-in session that suited them between 23 November and

4 December 2023.


At first Drop-in session the Council displayed all the information they had.

Residents had an opportunity to express views at the actual drop-in session.


Stage 2 of Council resident engagement – 1st Co-design session - HAS HAPPENED

This happened on 27 January 2024. Residents from different part of the CR0 11 Healthy Streets area met together and put forward ideas as to how they think our roads could be improved. For some this meant how there could be fewer cars in their roads. For others it meant a healthy streets approach to make the area safer and healthier for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers alike.

Traffic consultants then did preliminary work on these ideas. On 18 April 2024 they gave feed back mainly to those who attended on 27 January.


Following discussion with Transport for London (TfL) the Council and traffic consultants are doing further modelling work to see the potential impact on the main roads (managed by TfL) and especially buses of suggestions put forward. The latest the Council has said is that they will provide a feed back session on Saturday 22 June 2024 for those who took part in the Co-Design session in January. This is still not certain.



We are not 100% of what will happen after that. Nor are we clear how much time (if any) the Council will give us to consult with residents in Canning and Clyde Roads.

Rest assured - we will keep residents updated and consult as best possible within time constraints allowed us by the Council.

Decision by directly elected Mayor of Croydon

The final decision on what happens in our roads will be made by directly elected Mayor, Jason Perry.



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